Nokia E7 the Perfect Business Phone

Nokia E7 seems to be just the perfect phone for business communication since it has the perfect shape and size to work on documents, review spreadsheets, or read and edit slides. For corporate peace of mind, a combination of business grade security solutions is also available.
Symbian version 3.0 is the operating system used on the Nokia E7 and this offers some great improvements over earlier versions. The most noticable change is in the homescreen layout, which now oozes colour and offer many options to the user with regards to customisation.

Processor a 1 GHz handles everything the phone can throw at it with ease, and the multi tasking facility has been improved as not to put to much pressure on battery life. The result of this is that the handset can squeeze 9 hours talktime out of the 1200mAH battery or a massive 430 hours standby, an obvious attraction to all phone users. The E7 offers 16GB of internal storage memory, ideal for saving a variety of files including the superb HD video footage the phone can capture.

For people who prefer instant messaging services, the E7 offers support of a variety of hosts including Ovi Chat and Windows Messenger. Using such services is a breeze thanks to the excellent connectivity options that are included. WiFi is featured with support for all 3 speeds, so when access to a local network is available this will give you the best possible service. Equally as impressive or your options whilst on the move, which although not as quick as WiFI, still perform quickly. These include 3G, EDGE and GPRS. The slider physical keypad also helps in writing both messages and e mails.

  This may prove a wise move as the phone boast many other features that make it a worthy business tool. As a Smartphone it performs superbly, as a business assistant it is both functional and useful and the younger consumers will love the social networking facilities and the modern design.