The Meaning Behind the Name Nexus S Smartphone

Some time ago Google officially released the Nexus S, as the successor of Nexus One. There are intriguing questions related to the launch, which is why Google calls this smartphone as Nexus S, not Nexus Two.

The reason, several outstanding issues before launch, Google was widely called the Nexus Two to name these new smartphone. But suddenly, when inaugurated, Nexus S selected by Google.

Selection of the name can’t be separated from the company that towed by Google. For this Nexus S smartphone, Google collaboration with Samsung, and leave the HTC. Then, what to do with giving the name Nexus S?

Reportedly, Samsung doesn’t want to choose the name Nexus Two, because they do not want to be a 'replacement number two'. However, they offer something new on the Nexus S smartphone. As we know, Nexus One is produced by HTC, before finally being replaced by Samsung. Therefore, given the name Nexus S, "S" means Samsung.

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