Dell XPS Adamo: Dual-core Intel CPU, SSD and 4GB of RAM

New piece of information on Dell’s super slim notebook with eating disorders are not diagnosed. The exceptional laptop is planning to be the thinnest in its class. So far we knew merely that it trumps with it’s loosely 9.99 millimeters, the MacBook Air and the new Sony X Series. 

Now those Dell insiders lastly put some tangible data on the performance of the XPS Adamo out. This is although nothing official. The Dell XPS Adamo with either a 1.4 - or 1.9-GHz dual-core processors shipped by Intel. As an SSD data storage service with a alternative of select 128 or 180 GByte capacity.

For X4500MHD incorporated graphics chip is responsible. This WXGA LED is 13.4 inches tall. The notebook has 4 GB of RAM. The battery is accessible in two variants and shall last for two or four hours of operation - not accurately lush. The laptop works the way to touch on - the distinct principle of responding to heat. I believe the thing I would not at all get on with my dead fingers.

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